Monday, May 4, 2009


Whair-Yoo? Whair-You! Was what all the people in Hobby Lobby heard today, as Rowan called out for his Mommy. He's actually doing pretty well for being with Daddy all day long, although he did go off and play with his trucks and boxes for a while on his own this afternoon, I guess he was getting a bit tired of me being around all the time.
It seems that after his afternoon nap and when we're at a big store that he looks for his Mom. Also before bath time is always a poignant time, I have a framed photo of his mom in our bedroom and tonight he waved at it and said something to it, yesterday night he blew kisses at it just like he does with his mom.
Other than that it was a pretty boring day, even if I did have the camera with me there would not have been much to take pictures of.
Maybe tomorrow we'll see what Anke's up to.
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  1. Oh I bet that mama is sure missing her boy. Way to keep things going Richard. Looking forward to some pictures. I do sooo love pictures!

  2. Aah! It breaks my heart and I will admit warms my heart too. Hi boys and blog followers! I do miss you a lot and it is so true that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Funny thing is that today when I went to the mall I also really really missed Rowan. I guess we do a lot of shopping together :) Richard, thanks so much for finding the time and energy to keep up to date with the blog. It really helps to know when I feel really homesick that I will be able to turn on the computer and load up a page from the life of Rowan and Richard. I love you and miss you both very much.