Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Getting Ready for School is Not a Laughing Matter Anymore

Rowan loves school. He always gets excited at the mention of it but some mornings he has trouble with the idea of leaving the comfort of his home. This is what happened yesterday.

When he woke up in the morning I reminded him that it was a school day. He smiled that wide-eyed kind of smile and talked about his back pack. Somehow the idea of a back pack makes him very happy. So we came downstairs and had some breakfast. He asked to watch one of his DVDs and settled way too comfortably into his chair.

Later on I walked up to him and gave him the usual "Ten minutes 'till school!" He pretty much ignored me and so I went back after five minutes. This time he cried: "No!" I walked away and when I came back after another five minutes he had constructed a kind of a barricade between me and him with the clever use of two chairs and when he spotted a tiny gap he ran for his box of sanitary wipes and plugged up the hole. I looked at this construction of his. He looked at me and when he saw that I was considering the situation he said: "It's closed!" Meaning I am here behind this great big door and I can't get out. Better yet, Mom, you can't get to me.

I laughed and called Richard over. He laughed. Rowan laughed. And so Rowan left for school with all of us laughing our way to the door.

Monday, May 17, 2010