Thursday, May 7, 2009

Being Cool

Today Rowan was very unhappy to be back at Kroger again, so while Gran was looking at the shampoo Rowan and I tried on some kids sun glasses.
We tried on almost every pair including the Tinker Bell and Hannah Montanah ones, but in the end settled on some cool shiny ones.

Then later in day it is baking time again. Crumpets are the best! and Rowan's getting pretty good at measuring out the ingredients.

And then there's nothing better than Crumpets, Fruit Juice and a comfy chair!

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  1. Aah! Great shades Rowie! So, so cute! Mr. Cool indeed! I am loving it!

  2. You know that you are very lucky, that he didn't like the hanna Montana ones...
    See you Saturday for our big business adventure... :-) Anke