Saturday, May 2, 2009

We had another very busy day today. There was a lot that we needed to get done around the house and Rowan proved himself to be great little helper. We also made some time for a fun outing to a small airshow at one of the local airports. We just knew that Rowan would love it.
As we arrived at the runway, Rowan's arms just started pointing in all directions. There was so much to look at and he didn't know which direction to go into first. His eyes were big and sparkling with excitement. Planes everywhere!

Ooh but wait! There's a fire engine too! Wowie!

Aah! And what's that? A helicopter?

The helicopter was taking people for short flights around the area, which meant that it came in for landing and take-off quite often and every time Rowan spotted it we had to walk over to the landing area where he could have a good look at it. It was so fun to see the expression on his face when the wind produced by the rotor almost blew the hat off his head.

Later on he had fun walking under the planes. He was so thrilled by the experience that he dragged me with him - only for me it was a bit more like attempting the limbo :)

It turns out that our trip to the airshow was actually quite apt since I will be getting on an airplane myself tomorrow. I will be visiting my Mom in South Africa while Rowan will stay home with his Dad. I think the two of them will be having a great time doing the things that boys like to do while I am away. So, I have asked Richard to take over the blog updates until I return. If he misses a day feel free to gently remind him of his commitment :)
Thank you for all the support. I will be back soon. Take care everyone!
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  1. You and your family are certainly in our thoughts Elaine. Best wishes.