Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jelly, Please

Today was supposed to not be as hot as it was yesterday, so we headed off to Cox Arboretum, and they were wrong. By 11:00 it was sticky and hot and sunny. That didn't stop Rowan tho'. He loves the labyrinth at Cox so much he was panting and the sweat was dripping off his head he was running around it so much.
We also saw interesting fish nests in the pond there. Rowan was looking at the fish excitedly when we realized each fish was in a depression in the pond. It looked like the pebbles had been pushed up to form a ring around each fish.
Anyway we were all very hot by this time so we headed back home.
Then nothing refreshes quite as well as Gran's Jelly. More Please!

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  1. Hi there! So good to see you are all having such a good time. I was just wondering about sun protection allthough I am sure you are using lots of sunblock. Just checking ;) We are also having very good weather here. In fact I was walking around with short sleeves. Don't you just love the South African weather? Loving and missing you all. Mom.