Thursday, May 14, 2009

Today when I came home for lunch I found a very happy super-hero riding around in a silk cape!
He came zooming past me giggling all the way.
Even though it was a rainy day outside again Gran and Rowan were having lots of fun indoors. They had played with all sorts of things all around the house and done some baking of course - sugar-cinnamon cookies this time.
Today I took some of Rowan's buns to work and Nick at the office said that Rowan should bake bigger batches of cookies and smaller batches of rolls.
Anyway today was lots of fun for Rowan. He was go-go-go all the time. In the evening we all hopped in the car and went off to the Chinese Buffet. Nmmm-Num!
Now Gran is quite tired but she looks like she had fun too.

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Here is Rowan waiting for me to come home for lunch...

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