Saturday, May 16, 2009

Rowan and the cat

Rowan really looks out for Mia (the cat). Today when we got home Mia ran into the garage. The outside garage door was closed so she couldn't get out and I didn't mind her going to lie on the nice warm car, but Rowan was quite concerned. He kept going back and opening the door and calling us to come get Mia.
Then later in the day while I was collapsed on the couch and Rowan was climbing all over me looking for a comfy spot, Mia also decided to come climb on me too. Rowan was quite pleased with this and crawled down from my head and patted Mia. But that wasn't enough. Why wasn't I patting Mia too? So he took my hand and pulled it over to Mia so that I could pat her. If I stopped then he grabbed my hand and made me continue.

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