Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Water Day

Today was water day. Sorry there's no photos but that's because every time Gran turned around there was more water to clean up.
Rowan loves playing with water, pouring it from one glass to another and back again. I'm sure it's all very good for 3D volume understanding but right now he still doesn't get that the big glass will hold a whole lot more water than the tiny one you're pouring it into. Also he has an amazing ability to be a perfectly careful not-a-drop-spilt pourer while you're watching and then when you turn around, Fwoomph! water everywhere.
Even his drink bottle with the non-spill lid was able to leak water all down his shirt today.
So given the aquatic nature of the day I suggested Gran take him outside and let him run through the sprinkler. But he was not having any of that. As soon as he got outside he thought Gran was just weird putting the sprinkler right in the middle of the grass where he was about to play. Anyway with all this water I'm sure he'll grow another inch tonight.
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  1. Oh water ,the greatest thing of all. Yes, we need it for surviving, but really, it's just as important for playing... another great water toy are funnels... and little kids tea sets, that's what Mia and Ella entertain themselves with. and yes, there are some, that are not pink with princesses, they are a little harder to find, though, try Target. Anke