Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Busy Busy Tuesday

This morning when I left for work, early early, I stood outside by the car for a while just taking in the glorious day that was coming. It was nice and crisp and calm and clear blue sky and just the perfect spring day, then I got in the car went to work and sat behind a computer screen all day long.
However, Rowan, on the other hand, did not have to go to work and he must have picked up on my feelings of wonderful-day-appreciation-ness 'cos he also wanted to be outside all day.
He took Gran outside early and then alternated through out the day with play outside in the sun and then play inside with the musical instruments and cars and trucks.
When I got back for lunch they were outside again playing in the sand, and Gran suggested we go to the park down the road and see what that's like. Besides she wanted to try driving on the wrong side of the road and these country road are good practice. So we hopped in the car and Gran drove us to the park. I must say she drove pretty well, only a few times we almost went off the edge of the road, but we made it there and back all safe and sound.
Then in the evening we went to do some shopping and Rowan got a new toy tractor, with a little roller at the back that makes tracks in the sand like it is ploughing the ground. Later he and I were in his sand box and he was so very impressed by this that he ran back inside to call Gran to come and see how it worked.
So all in all today was good day, and I'm very glad Rowan took advantage of the great weather.
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  1. Yeah to Gran driving on the wrong side, it is definately tricky. when I came home from Mocambique I had a few incidents when I had to double check with myself, if I was on the right side of the road... just quite confusing... Anke