Sunday, May 3, 2009

Planes, Planes and more Planes

So this is the first of the daddy posts to the blog, I'll be taking over the posts for a while, and as you'll notice I'm not in the habit of taking the camera with me everywhere yet. So, sorry, no pictures for today.
Well, this weekend was really a weekend for working on Rowan's aeronautically vocabulary. Yesterday we went to the little air show at the local airport and now-a-days Rowan says bye, or rather: "BY-EEE!" to everything that's going away from him, so when a little Pitts Special took off and zoomed overhead and he said "Bye plane!" we thought what a clever kid, he knows it's a bi-plane already.
Anyway this morning first thing we found ourselves at the Dayton airport saying "Good-bye" to mom and looking at the jets taxi-ing around the terminal.
Then seeing as we were in Dayton we went to the Air Force Museum. Rowan's been there before but I had seen that they have some planes outside of the main building on the old runway and I thought we should go walk around them, I actually thought you could go inside those, but apparently not. Well even though we couldn't go inside them we were able to go right up to them and tap on the propellers and kick the tires, which was fun.
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  1. Welcome to blogging and single-parenthood. Please make sure you give us a call, when you need help. Anke