Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gran steps up

It's been three weeks now that Gran has been taking care of Rowan during the day and things have really settled down into a good rhythm. Not a quiet easy rhythm, more like a fast jungle beat, with bursts of raucous melody, but a happy music anyway.
Today I didn't come home for lunch like I normally do and they didn't miss a beat. Gran reported that everything was fine. Rowan played nicely and interestingly with his trains, putting them together in new ways and not getting upset when they fell off the tracks (as he sometimes has been known to do as evidenced by the dents in the walls).
So all in all the household is running very smoothly and I tell Gran that if she keeps this up we'll never let her go back.
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1 comment:

  1. Aah! I just received something very special in the mail - a post card with Rowan's hand print on it. How it warms the heart. Thank you for the thoughtfull note you guys. I love you too.