Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Relaxed and Happy Tuesday

Today was back to work for me, and it seemed like Rowan had a nice day too. He had a good chat with his mom on the phone and ate a picture of her. In the evening we went to the library where I had to pay a fine for a book we found that was very very late. The fine was almost more than the book was worth. Huh!
Anyway Rowan was fun in the library. When him and I were in the kids section he realized Gran was not with us and called out "Where you?" "Where You?" at the top of his voice until a guilty looking Gran came running.
Then later when I was checking out the books and he was with Gran he was going down the library calling out for me down each aisle.
Then when we got home he went and lay down peacefully in the lounge and I got these shots of him just chilling...

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  1. I love these shots of Rowan. They are so sweet. And hey, I'm with ya on the library fines--whoa! They are SERIOUS about those overdue books and I sure know it.