Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Little bit of everything day it was today.
First look what Amazon is shipping now...

Gran's been working very hard to make our front garden pretty, and here are some of her flowers...

And then just before a big storm rolled in, it was time for a little soccer practice. Look at the concentration on that face...

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  1. HI, we are back, what does the next week look like for you? How is driving going? :-) Or we come out there, staying at your house or going on a small trip in the area. Let me know, Anke

  2. Whee! That looks like a fun ride! Gran, Ouma and I love the flowers. With all the planting going on over there I am probably not going to recognise our house when I get back. It also looks like Rowan is really enjoying the ball play outside. What fun. Hope you all have a really nice weekend. All my love, Mom.