Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday Project

Having Gran here has really been a great help. Today I got to spend a lot of time outside working on the garden.
A few days ago I had bought some tomato seedlings and we had planted those peas a while ago in pots with the intention of moving them to a bed later. So anyway after working outside for a while, Rowan and Gran joined me.

This was what was keeping me busy...

I ended up keeping most of the peas in there pots because I did not realise peas have such deep roots. The ones I took out of the pots did not seem to enjoy the new ground so much so I just moved the pots for the others and ran strings for them to climb up.

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  1. nice gardening job!! Happy Mother's Day Elaine, I know you will read this. We miss you. ANke

  2. Hi there all! I am so glad I get a chance to comment on this post. My surfing capabilities are severely limited for now. I do my best to check in though.

    Anke, Happy Mother's day to you too! I am sure Steve and the girls went out of their way to make your day special. I miss you too!

    Richard, wow! A vegetable bed. Impressive! You really are handling things quite well over there as I knew you would. It seems like Rowan likes wearing his sun glasses. Does he keep them on when he goes outside or was that just for the photoshoot. I miss you guys so so much and am sending you ALL my LOVE. Thanks again for keeping me up to date with what's happening accross the pond.

  3. Ooh! Look at the grass around the sandbox! And al the trees are green again! Yay!

  4. Over here wondering if you would like some strawberry plants for that fine looking garden???