Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pioneer Village

Rowan is able to have fun where ever we take him. Even if he is completely bored with the subject there's always something to amuse him. Today we went to Pioneer Village for their Spring fair. It was an interesting sight to see all the people dressed up and living like pioneers, but all Rowan could see were puddles and trees and things to climb on.
We had some fun playing around the trees and then on the way out I could not be a mean ol' dad any longer and let him jump in all the puddles he wanted and whack them with a stick so the mud flew up and covered his shirt and big smiling face. All the 'pioneers' were very pleased to see a boy having fun at what boys do best ... get all muddy.

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  1. Ouma was so excited to see this blog. She remembers the Pioneer Village well and likes to reminisce about her visit with us. She wishes she could be there with you and sends all her love. Every time she sees the blog she gets a sparkle in her eyes and she smiles from ear to ear as she says: "Ah! That's so cute!"