Monday, May 11, 2009

Today was back-to-work day for Daddy! So I left early before Rowan awoke and left Gran to take care of things.
When I came home for lunch Rowan was a very happy chap, so things must have gone well. Then when I got home in the evening they were outside to greet me. We went and watered the new vegetables and played with the old jeep.

Elaine once told me that doing a blog every night was a very good thing because it forced you to think back on the day and find something special or nice about it. Even if it was a bad day there was always something positive about it, so later when I asked Gran what was the most amazing thing about today she said that at 11:00 she and Rowan went outside to play, but instead of rushing outside to the sand pile and picking up a spade, he went over to the car and waited to get in. So Gran said "No, Rowan, let's play outside, we're not going for a drive." And apparently Rowan was really upset about this, he cried and cried and pulled at the handle and really wanted to get in the car. Even with such a beautiful day as it was outside he had no interest in playing in the yard. So anyway they went back inside and did some drawing and play-dough-ing.
Otherwise they had a good day with lots of indoor activities.
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