Monday, March 23, 2009

When Rowan wakes up in the morning he likes to take things easy. He likes (and needs) to have about ten minutes or so to just gather his thoughts and energies - you know bring them back from the dream world to the real world. When this process is interrupted he is almost guaranteed to get upset.

I often wonder what he is thinking about during this time. Perhaps he is planning his day or maybe he is reviewing the dreams he just awoke from. But most probably neither of the two since the one would be thinking of what is to come and the other would be thinking of something that happened in the past. Children live in the moment. He is probably sitting there looking around - taking it all in.

His room is quite bare except for one wall. On this wall hangs a beautiful quilt full of detail, colour and texture. It is the first thing he sees every morning. It is also the first thing he talks about and touches and points at when I enter the room. We love this quilt and can never thank his Gran enough for all the effort and artistry she put toward making something so precious.

We have truly been spoiled by Rowan's Gran, Richard's Mom. She has made us a quilted picnic blanket, some Christmas wall hangings, a lap blanket for us and one for Rowan, some other wall hangings and a gorgeous quilt for our bed - all patch work and quilted and I suspect made with lots of love. We treasure these items and I thought I would share them with all of you. Below are just a few from our collection.

This one hangs in Rowan's playroom. It has little bits of shells and rope and all sort of lovely textures and goodies. It has been extremely helpful over the past two years since for a while it was one of the few things that would help with calming Rowan down when he was crying.

This quilt adorns our bed and really comes to life when the sun fills the room with a warm glow. On those days I so wish I could just have a lie down with a good book...

Rowan loves to touch this one too.

We are lucky to have such nice things made especially for us. Thanks Gran!

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  1. I just love the one in the playroom. It reminds me of a mosaic I have made for my friend Maren 15 years ago or so, after we spent some time in Mocambique. It also has real shells and sand and it made of plaster. It was so much fun to make it. I am sure Richards mom enjoyed that one too. They are all so pretty. Anke