Monday, March 9, 2009

It is a big day for us. You see, Rowan has grown into quite a big boy now and doesn't need his bottle before bedtime anymore.

The transition from soy based formula to regular cow's milk was quite tricky. Since Rowan didn't initially like cow's milk we ended up substituting more and more of the formula with milk over a period of time. For a while it seemed to work quite well but by the time that we got to filling his bottle with milk only, he didn't really want the bottle anymore. He was however keen on drinking milk from a tiny little glass and since we still want him to drink some milk during the evening we decided to go with that idea. So now our night time routine includes a session of us pouring a little bit of milk into a tiny little glass and Rowan drinking it one sip at a time. It takes a while to get through five little cups but Rowan keeps us entertained along the way.

No more bottles to be washed and sterilised. No more having to pack water and formula on a long trip away from home. No more having to buy formula. What a good day.
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  1. Aren't tiny cups great? I like to use them sometimes too, but Owen says I shouldn't use his tiny cups. He's probably right.