Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cars, cars, everywhere!

I might have mentioned before how much Rowan likes cars and trucks but I don't think you can really appreciate this attraction until you've seen the floor in our living area after a day of playing. There are cars everywhere!

Today felt like our entire day pretty much revolved around cars. We would for instance be looking at a book with the most amazingly detailed drawings of entire scenes and Rowan's eyes would immediately be drawn to a car, truck, train or plane. One of his books has a piece entitled "Buildings" and there are drawings of all sorts of buildings. The architect in me got quite excited and thought "this is my chance - I will make an architect of him yet!" but no, I failed to spot the tiny little car in the bottom left corner which Rowan excitedly pointed out with a "ka!" Another scene in a book depicted a train station filled with people. One little boy in a crowd of people was carrying a bag. All I saw was a crowd. Rowan on the other hand spotted the tiny little "tain" sticking it's chimney out from the top of the bag. Unbelievable. Even when I am busy on the computer and there happens to be a picture of a car on some advertisement, Rowan will point it out to me very enthusiastically and ask to be picked up so that he can have a closer look.

We also played with his trains for about two hours today. It took that long because after playing with the actual trains on the tracks he had to play with his cars on the tracks too. I am sure he had a lot of fun, but there are only so many times that a Mom can go "Choo-choo and brrmmm!" :)

Anyway, what I also wanted to share with you was this:

Rowan obviously has good taste in cars and must know that Ferraris are valuable so they are parked in an extra special place. The great thing about this special place is that when Rowan opens that drawer tomorrow he is going to act all surprised and say "Wowie!" with big sparkly eyes and a great big smile.
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