Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The sun was out and Rowan and I felt completely energised - ready to take on a task that has been waiting for us since autumn 2008. It was time to clear away all the left over building materials from last year's terrace wall building project. This job was perfectly suited for a little boy. Picking broken pieces of brick up from the ground, putting them in a wheel barrow and then throwing them out at another location. He took his job very seriously and worked very very hard.

After about an hour of us working and playing around I found him leaning with his back and head against the wall, eyes closed, taking deep breaths in and out, pulling his shoulders up and down with each breath. He does this to show me that he is tired, but when I asked if he was ready to go inside he shot up, grabbed his shovel and went straight back to work. The next time I found him he was doing the same breathing routine lying on the driveway looking up at the blue sky. What a cute picture that would make! I grabbed my camera but as soon as he saw me he got up again and started playing in the sand. He was really quite tired but really did not want to go back inside. By the third time I found him leaning against the wall, I decided that it was time to go inside and have some lunch. I think he was quite relieved.
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  1. HI, I hadn't checked the blog while in NC, so this is a comment to the problems of picture taking of children. We have TONS of pictures of Mia and Ella with one of them looking cute and the other one silly, or simply bad. And in NC we also had their cousin (3 years) and it just multiplies the problem. Yeah, I wouldnt want to depend on money from taking pictures of kids...

  2. Yes and I am soo grateful for digital cameras! Imagine if we still had to pay for all the not-so-good shots on film!