Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rowan is growing up so incredibly fast. Our days are busy from morning to night. We rush around - all the time.

This morning I awoke to the startling realisation that somewhere in the midst of all this busyness I have managed to forget that my little boy is in fact just a little boy. We treat our children like little people. We give them the respect that they deserve as individuals. We urge them to try new things every day. We urge them to grow so that we can experience that next stage that we are so looking forward to. We start having expectations of them and get annoyed when they aren't met. Elaine, what ever happened to just being, right there, in the moment? I used to think that I lived in the moment most of the time but at some stage the mad rush managed to completely overwhelm me. So, I am thankful for early morning bursts of clarity and resolve to look at Rowan, again and from this point onward as my child in need of as much nurturing, attention and love as I am capable of - all the time.

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  1. this was lovely to read... in the way that it's honestly and openly expressed, in the technical expression, and in the message and invitation that it extends to all of us :)

    thank you for sharing your blessing in this article because that's what present moment awareness is; and its oh so beautiful that Rowan is your torchbearer!

    much love and hugs to both of you!

  2. Thank you Shafinaaz. Our little trio: the seeker, the beacon and the torchbearer :)