Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our friend, Anke suggested playing with dominoes as a good toddler pastime and I am pleased to say that Rowan did indeed enjoy playing with the tiles. Because of their thinness they are more versatile than regular blocks. You can build enclosures, stack them and then of course there is the all time favorite: placing them vertically following a curve, pushing them over and delighting in the sound and movement as they "all fall down!"

Rowan also took charge and imagined some more ways of playing with them. "Poop-poop-poop!" he said as he pressed his little fingers on the colorful dots and held it next to his ear with a "Hallo! Babble, babble, babble."

For some reason he also thought it would be fun to remove them from the table, one by one, and place them in his secret hiding place where no-one will ever dare to look... except for his Mom of course :)

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  1. We love dominos!! Anke

  2. Oh yes! I forgot to tell you about earth hour. We did it! I know it seems silly but it was actually quite fun to be part of a global effort.

    It's amazing how dark this house gets without any form of electricity. Normally when we turn the lights out you still have the light on the dvd player, baby monitor, computer etc. to light up the room. But when all the electricity goes it becomes quiet and oh so dark.