Sunday, March 22, 2009

First of all I think congratulations are in order. My sister got engaged about a week and a half ago while on vacation. She is back at home now and we would just like to wish her and her fiance a wonderful life together.

Then we can also congratulate Rowan for his effortless transition into life without a pacifier (dummy). Once again all the dire warnings by all the so-called parenting experts turned out to be completely unfounded.

Our weekend was great! The weather was fantastic and we made the best of it.

This weekend was about work, learning, fitness and socialising and believe it or not all of it was fun and rewarding.

Where we live the change in the seasons can be experienced in all it's glory and the transition from Winter into Summer is one of great enthusiasm in the spirit of renewal or re-birth so, we energetically start preparing ourselves (bodies and minds) and homes (inside and out) for the warm and beautiful days to come.

On Saturday I cleaned the house. This is normally quite a drag but when you play the music that you love at really high volume the job is easily done in no time. The reward is the satisfaction of having accomplished something that you were really not looking forward to doing and thought that you would never get to do. Today Richard was working in the yard and Rowan and I decided to join him. There was lots of shoveling to be done and the guys had a good go at it while I spent my time dreaming up wonderful little ideas for landscaping and patio design.

Our friends arrived in the late morning while we were outside working hard and we were glad to be able to take a break. The kids played around outside and got to try out the bike trailer and tricycle. They seemed to be having fun. Rowan, however, will have to work on sharing his toys with others. As the kids were playing I learnt a little bit about gardening from my friend Anke. I now know more about the importance of potting soil and how not to expect tulip bulbs to grow in pots left outside during the freezing Winter months. I really should have known better.

It is so nice to have our friends drop by and I decided that we should all have lunch together. Richard and I have been wanting to grill out (braai) since Friday and I was thrilled when our friends accepted our invitation. It was so much fun and we will definitely do it again.

Another great thing about this weekend was that we finally got to use our terrace (patio) - the one that my dear Richard spent the entire summer building block for block. He did such an amazing job and I am super proud of what he has accomplished.

Early evening we headed out to the store to buy a bicycle for me. So now I too can go riding with the boys. I tried it out as soon as we got home and I was amazed at how much fun riding a bicycle was. I used to ride quite a lot when I was younger but seemed to have forgotten just how nice it actually was. It was so great to be able to race up the driveway against Rowan on his tricycle. He was bursting with excitement and laughter.

Well, that was our weekend - challenging, rewarding and fun.
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