Monday, March 2, 2009

I can't really think of anything to write about tonight yet I feel I must write something. I have made this commitment and I need to follow through especially since I used the last post to rave about just how great it is to be able to share my thoughts with you all.

Let's see... Rowan played a lot of hide and seek today. Mostly it was just for fun but some of those times it was either to chomp on some chalk or to rip the tires from his toy cars one by one.

This morning he went over to the black board with a box full of great big coloured pieces of chalk. I was impressed because this was all his idea. I was suspicious because I knew just how much he loved to chew on those things. I went over to him quite enthusiastically to see what he was drawing. I was standing next to him when I felt his little hand pushing against my thigh. "Go!" he said. Taken aback by the sudden shunning, I turned around and went to the kitchen. Aha! From here I could see everything he was doing without him even knowing. The rest of this story is one I have mentioned before (with different props and setting) but I still think it is quite amusing how he doesn't yet grasp the fact that Mom's know everything. You see, when he got bored with drawing with the chalk he thought it a good idea to find a hiding spot where he could just sit back and eat as much chalk as his little heart desires. He moved the black board with great effort and an enormous amount of noise away from the wall leaving just enough space for him to sit down behind it where Mom would never find him. Poor little guy!

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  1. Basies hoef jy nie baie te sê nie, jou fotos sê alles. Dis so oulik as hy wegkruip, maar nog steeds BAIE sigbaar is.