Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stacking - An Exercise in Mindfulness

I was watching Rowan play in his room today. He slowly opened a drawer and peeked inside. He obviously liked what he saw and decided to pull the whole thing out. He stood for a while just looking at the cut pieces of wood trying to decide which one was worthy of being the first layer in the stack. He picked one out and looked at it from all angles. I imagine the grain of the wood, the texture, the irregularity in shape and perhaps the flaking of the bark must have drawn his attention. After careful consideration, he placed the first layer of the stack.

He checked each one of the wood pieces before adding it to the pile. He seemed to be so at peace - just stacking wood - not caring about anything other than the wood and the act of stacking.

He carried on building until the stack was too high for him to add another piece and this time he just left it standing. This is a shift. He normally would have taken the greatest pleasure in knocking it down. I guess our little guy is growing up :) ...... :(
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1 comment:

  1. What a nice stacking job he did. I love all the blocks.