Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Rowan!

Today is Rowan's 2nd birthday.

Breakfast was somewhat different than usual. There were balloons, gifts and a telephone call from Ouma. Richard stayed home and Rowan's Gran and Grandad joined us at the table via the internet. Rowan enjoyed opening all the gifts - tearing the paper off tiny bits at a time. After a while he got the hang of it and ripped through the last couple of gifts very effectively. Even Mia (our cat) joined in the celebration in her own little way.

He was also fortunate enough to have some of his friends come over for a lunchtime birthday celebration. I am so amazed at just how much children love cake!!! Seriously! It could get dangerous if you were to stand between a toddler and a colourful frosting covered cake.

It was great fun and I would like to thank all that contributed to Rowan's big day.
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  1. happy birthdday rowan!

    love from aunty shafs :P

  2. ... and Rowan blew out his birthday candles!!! That's very important. We had a lot of fun, too. Anke

  3. A whole two years old! It felt like yesterday when you sent me the photos of his first birthday. Happy birthday, Rowan, you are going to love your Mom's dedication one day.
    Elaine, dis wonderlik wat jy doen. Baie liefde, Cornelia