Saturday, March 7, 2009

Rowan and I went shopping today. It was a beautiful day. The air was warm and the excitement of spring was all around. People were out walking their dogs. Playing in parks. Riding their bicycles. But, Rowan and I needed to get some things from the store and decided to make the most of such a beautiful day by parking the car a great distance away from the entrance to the shop. And to get even more mileage out of our new shoes we also decided to walk from one end of the strip mall to the other :) I smile because some of you might not know that here in America's Midwest most people, including us, drive our cars from one end of the strip mall to the other - mainly because it is either too hot or too cold to walk from store to store. And sometimes we are just too lazy.

We really enjoyed all the walking. It was so nice to finally be able to breathe in the fresh air.

Somehow the shopping experience was altered by the walking, the fresh air and the ever curious little boy. As we were making our way to our car I was paying attention to Rowan and what he was doing as he really seemed to enjoy it. He was living in the moment. Taking it ALL in. I would never have noticed the birds nesting behind the massive store signage boards if it weren't for Rowan suddenly stopping in his tracks and pointing upwards with a gasp. There they were. Ten of them. Flying in, out and about. We stayed for a while and watched the birds go about their day.

As we reached the car I thought, because of Rowan's keen interest in the birds, that we should pay a visit to the pet store. Of course Rowan loved looking at all the animals but he seemed to pay particular interest to the fish and I thought to myself "Perhaps it is time for a gold fish!". One phone call to the house and just like that we welcomed a new member to our family. Allow me to introduce "Little Fish."

We named it Little Fish because it is non-gender specific, it is tiny and because Rowan really says "fish" in such a cute way. Rowan helped me with decorating and filling up Little Fish's new home. We had a great time.

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  1. Ah, a goldfish. make sure you feed your cat Mia always on time, otherwise she might get an extra snack... :-) Anke

  2. Lol! Yeah you're right! That was the quickest response I have ever received. I was not even finished with the post yet! Hope you are having a great weekend.