Friday, April 17, 2009


Oops! I nearly forgot about the blog tonight. Well, it is late but here goes.

I would just like to share a little bit about Rowan's development. This past week we have noticed him talking more and more. He finds some words more interesting than others and tends to repeat them for a while almost as if he is practicing the pronunciation.

Today we were busy with a rather tedious task but Rowan's talking turned it into quite an entertaining activity. We were picking up small pebbles from the lawn and placing them into his small metal buckets which he then emptied into the wheelbarrow. Every time he came back and handed me the empty buckets I said: "Thank you." After a while he also started to say "thank you." It was a repetitive task and he had many opportunities to practice. Each time he tried it was slightly different but towards the end he was saying "tik you." That was good enough for me.

Some other words that he managed to perfect today are: ewe; bye and my favorite from this morning: "Where's Dad?"

Have a lovely weekend everyone!
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  1. Hey... I have been missing out on updates! I was away in India and Dubai.. lovely trip but always good to be home.

    I love the pic on ur banner above. Awesomeness.
    Hmm... Try gettin Rowan to say that :P

    AweSuM ;)

    So cute!

  2. Hi Aunty Shafs! We have missed you and have thought of you while you were traveling the world. We have been keeping up with your blog and as always you are a great inspiration. You are AweSuM!