Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Snack Time

Since Rowan has been enjoying baking so much lately, I thought it a good idea to involve him in making some healthy smoothies for our snack time.

We set up the chair at the counter for him to stand on. I grabbed all the necessary ingredients, plates, bowls, utensils and blender. He seemed very excited at first but when he realized that we would be cutting some fruit and not scooping flour and such he got quite annoyed at the whole thing. I did manage to convince him to help me place some fruit in the blender. He liked pouring the juice from the bottle into the blender too. This cool Mom even let him press the pulse button and voila! A healthy and delicious Apple, Banana, Spinach and Orange Smoothie. Doesn't it look good? It tastes great too!
I guess I should admit that Rowan wouldn't go anywhere near it and so he settled for some cheese and crackers instead. Oh yes! And one of his little friends joined us too.

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  1. Add some yoghurt, and flax seed and he can scoop. And, please, don't make it green, the kids just has some sense, don't drink green stuff, that's a valuable lesson!! Anke
    Also, let him mix pancake batter and eat it with vanilla yoghurt, the girls love it and they love to add blueberries. Totally healthy and NOT green (but purple...)

  2. Ha ha ha! Thanks for that Anke. No green drinks for kids! Got it. Valuable lesson indeed!