Sunday, April 12, 2009

What a happy weekend.

After our morning at the park on Saturday we were inspired and enthusiastic about planting some trees in the back yard and flowers in the front. While Rowan took a nap Richard and I set out the positions for 12 evergreen trees to line the back of our property, effectively creating a screen between us and our not-so-tidy neighbours. The trees are quite young though and we will have to be patient until the dark green leafy wall rises to it's full potential.

Later Rowan and I joined Richard in the garden to plant some Lilly plants that a friend of ours has so kindly donated. Our flower bed was in desperate need of some TLC. We spent the entire afternoon out in the garden and at some point when I looked over at Rowan and saw that tired, grubby little face of his I knew it was time to head inside.

But this was not the end of our Saturday. Oh no - there is more!

Rowan's hair has been getting very long again and summer is approaching so Richard and I thought it a good idea to give our little guy a very, very short haircut. I have always liked his hair longer, but lately it has been very hard to get him to wash his hair and the longer the hair the longer the entire wash and dry process and this was reason enough to convince me to just do it. Richard grabbed the clippers and zoom-zoom-zoom it was done. I was in shock for quite some time but I have come to like it... I think. He just looks like such a BOY now - like a mischievous little boy - you know?

Now for today's story.

Easter Sunday inspired some baking around here. Now all of you know that I am not a baker and I am unashamed to tell you that I am still not a baker. The baking in our kitchen this morning was done by Richard and Rowan. Richard has been craving some Hot Cross Buns which is a spicy glazed raisin bun that is a popular treat in South Africa around Easter. It is similar to Cinnamon rolls but with less frosting. I was very impressed with Rowan as he calmly did everything that Richard asked him to do. He seemed very interested in the whole process and participated in the making of the dough from beginning to end. It was such a pleasure to be able to witness this event and I think we will have to do it more often.

This afternoon we spent some time over at our friends house with the rest of our "adopted" American family. Rowan got to participate in his very first Easter egg hunt. It didn't take him long to figure out how the game was played and before we knew it his basket was full of eggs. I was impressed by how observant he was. He spotted the eggs very quickly when we pointed him in their general direction. It was fun for kids and adults alike.

Rowan also really seemed to bond with Trey, the older boy in the picture. Olivia kept watch over them as they played around the house. It was the first time that he really interacted with a child so much older than him and he just loved this new dynamic. He copied everything that Trey was doing and loved being chased around by him. I have never seen him so engaged with another child before. It was great!

What a wonderful weekend.
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  1. he looks so cute!!!! no longer our little baby. it was great to see your adopted american family again, love and regards to everyone. mams

  2. He is growing up. That haircut looks great, good job. Anke

  3. I am soo lovin' that new Rowan cut.