Monday, April 13, 2009

After all the excitement of this past weekend it was really hard to keep Rowan entertained. Our rainy day was spent indoors and we tried a bit of everything but nothing really kept Rowan's attention for longer than a few seconds. He normally takes to drawing and colouring quite enthusiastically but today was different. Rather than him doing the drawing he watched me draw. I had to keep thinking of new objects or animals to draw. This was fun because there was so much interaction between the two of us as he named the things I was drawing and when he didn't know what it was he asked: "What's that?" and I told him. When I drew flowers he leaned forward towards the paper and smelled them. When I drew a cake he instantly said: "Nnum!" He is definitely learning to communicate verbally and it is such a pleasure to watch and listen as he goes through the day.
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  1. Oh Elaine that just sounds like so much fun! Savor that! It will pass all to fast.

  2. Hi Elaine

    Dropping a line to say Hi. I've been enjoying your pics and writing immensely.
    Its really fun to read.
    We must chat soon. take care
    Regards to you all