Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Our friends have been working on a wonderful little project. They have converted an old refrigerator into an incubator for duck eggs. Over the last 28 days we have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the ducklings and we were informed yesterday that they have started to hatch. This morning we were invited over to see this amazing event for ourselves.

Entering their warm and cosy home we were greeted at the door with big smiles. The excitement of the whole event was palpable and so we went straight to the incubator. Through a small window in the door of the refrigerator we saw several little duckling and a couple of eggs. What an amazing thing to witness. Jaime has been keeping us up to date with this project from start to finish but to actually see it for ourselves was quite a treat. Contrary to what I though Rowan's reaction might be he casually glimpsed at the ducklings and then turned his attention to the toys in the room. I was sure he would be impressed and say "Wowie!" but he didn't and that's okay. Perhaps next year he will be asking all sorts of questions and want to hold them.

Owen and his Papa had to go outside to feed the ducks and goats and were kind enough to invite Owen's friends along. Rowan always likes to go outside even when it is snowing. He was afforded the opportunity to feed the ducks himself by pouring a bale of feed through the mesh roof of their enclosure. I think he felt quite good about being able to do it.

The rest of our short visit was spent with me following Rowan around the property. There was a bike to play with and a sandbox and then there were the goats. They are just so beautiful aren't they? Rowan slowly made his way closer to them and had a very good look. Then he headed over to the pile of wood and started his own little project of relocating it one log at a time. He didn't get very far though :)

We had a lovely time at our friend's house and thank them for sharing their little peeps with us.

If you are interested in seeing these cute little ducklings have a look here: http://www.waydownthevalley.blogspot.com/
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  1. I'm so glad you were able to visit with us. When it warms up maybe we can get a few of those little duckies outside to run around in the grass. Won't that be fun!