Saturday, April 4, 2009

Afternoon at the Gorge

Rowan and I went for a walk at a gorge in our area. It is one of my favourite spots to visit on a beautiful sunny day. Rowan likes it too. It has a bit of everything: green grass, water, rocks, plants and trees, several different man-made elements, hills on all sides and foot paths to take you throughout this magic little place. Join us for a walk.

By the time Rowan reached the top of this staircase he was quite tired but he kept moving forward because this walk has something new and interesting for a toddler to explore every few metres and I think that is what kept him going.
One "little" milestone that I need to mention here is that Rowan said "Daddy" very clearly for the very first time. In fact he called it out to his Dad. He repeated it several times and I am so proud (a little bit jealous too because he has not learnt to say Mommy yet) but "We-ay!" will do for now... I guess :) Could "We-ay" be Rowanian for Elaine?
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