Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dandelion Day

This morning we met with our friends at our local gym/community center. When the indoor activities had lost their appeal we naturally made our way outside toward the playground. Along the way Rowan's little buddy, Mia, spotted some dandelions. She promptly picked one and gently blew the plumes right off the stem and into the breeze. Rowan caught on immediately and started doing the same. Children just have this wonderful way of engaging with the world. That which most of us perceive as ordinary becomes extraordinary when viewed from a child's perspective and all of a sudden we see the beauty of the world anew.

Isn't it amazing that this pretty yellow flower transforms itself into this?

Our back yard is covered with dandelions. Many people obsess about getting rid of this weed, but I, amongst many others, love it.

Lately our evenings are spent tending to the garden in some form or another. Rowan takes a lot of pride in watering the peas that he planted with his Dad. Every day they grow a little bigger and soon there will be a surprise waiting inside a pod for Rowan to discover.

After the hard work we get to blow and chase some bubbles. How he loves that!

In conclusion, an excerpt from a poem called "Little Dandelion" by Helen Barron Bostwick.
Pale little Dandelion,
In her white shroud,
Heareth the angel-breeze
Call from the cloud;
Tiny plumes fluttering
Make no delay;
Little winged Dandelion
Soareth away.
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