Sunday, April 5, 2009

On Friday evening Richard arrived with a truck load full of wood. Rowan likes trucks and said "Wowie!" When I saw all the wood I knew Richard was in for a weekend of very hard physical labor and that Rowan and I would probably not get to interact with him much until this project was completed.

"Please tell us more about the project!" I hear you say from way over there. Well, I am glad you asked. Our big project for this weekend was a sandbox for Rowan. It is actually a little bit more than a sandbox as you can see in the photo below. We have designed it to be part of a deck which also receives the stairs from the terrace/patio above.

As you can see we have completely over-designed it in terms of it's structure. That thing is so big and strong an elephant could jump on it. Always better to be safe I say. Anyway, since we used 2" x 10" wood beams, the deck is lifted above the ground just enough for it to make a perfect seat on the lower level. From here we can sit down on the deck and look out into our back yard while sipping a cool beverage. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Well, it turns out that Richard did work all weekend on this project of ours and he is very tired right now. I think he did an amazing amount of work and it looks great so far. We will be sure to show you photos of the finished project.
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  1. wow, it looks great. I wish, Steve would be better with that kind of stuff. I guess, I have to do that instead...
    Have you thought about an awning for sun protection...? I am sure, Rowan can't wait to play in the box.