Monday, April 20, 2009

We have been allowing and encouraging Rowan for a long time now to help out around the house by copying what we do. When we sweep, he sweeps. When we pack his toys away, he does the same. Wiping up a spill is also quickly accomplished with the help of two extra little hands.

The one thing that Rowan has not been doing is unpacking the dishwasher - not for a lack of enthusiasm but for the dangers surrounding sharps knives. Today however, I turned my back for a second to make a phone call and Rowan took charge of the task of packing away the cutlery. Luckily I had already removed the sharp knives and could let him carry on. He did a great job by collecting the different types of cutlery and placing them in the correct spots in the drawer. I was so proud of him for taking the initiative and for showing me that this tedious task is not so bad after all.

After we packed away the dishes Rowan walked over to the dining area and grabbed a chair. He pulled it to the kitchen and it took me a while to fully comprehend what he was trying to do. He very casually pulled the chair next to the counter and climbed on it. This was when it hit me. This little guy wants to do some baking! So, towering over the counter he gently placed both hands on the counter and pushed all the clutter away clearing some space for the baking preparation. He opened the drawer and took out a teaspoon and a couple of measuring cups. He then motioned toward the pantry for me to retrieve whatever we might need. So I grabbed some wholewheat flour, corn starch, baking powder and sugar. Now remember, I don't know a thing about baking. Richard thinks my choice of corn starch was interesting :) I also grabbed some pureed carrots, butter and Cinnamon. I let Rowan dip into each of the containers and add all the ingredients to a mixing bowl. The amounts I kind of judged by eye. The dough didn't look too bad and we decided to put it in the oven. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome. OK, it didn't taste great or anything but you could take one or two bites. Not bad for our first time without a recipe.
In the end it didn't really matter what the doughy treats tasted like because we enjoyed making them. The anticipation of the final outcome was worth much more than the final product. And the smell... was "M-mm!" good to little Rowan. Maybe I will try some real baking one of these days :)
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