Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Richard has been working on a little surprise for Rowan and this morning was the big reveal. He has many shape and colour sorting puzzles scattered across the house but this puzzle is his first size sorting puzzle. I really like it and Rowan seemed pleased with it too. He gave a squeal of satisfaction as he completed putting all the pegs back into their respective holes. Later during the day the little pegs became small bottles which he pretended to drink from. Of course his Mom also had to try some of the delicious liquid.

A second after I took this photo Rowan decided to smell the block and lick it after which he exclaimed: "Nnyumm!" Not too sure what that was all about. Perhaps Richard could tell us more about what exactly he used to finish this puzzle with. If Rowan's reaction is anything to go by one might think it was dipped in honey or perhaps it would just reinforce the fact that children have wonderful imaginations.
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  1. Great toy. I love it. Carmel eats Owen's toy from Richard every chance she gets. She thinks it's delicious.