Monday, April 27, 2009

This evening was just perfect for spending time outdoors. We were busy but we had fun.

As most of you know our yard is quite big - big enough for us to use a ride-on lawnmower and today was my turn to take it for a spin. It's loud and very bouncy. I enjoy mowing the lawn because for one the freshly cut grass smells great. Secondly it brings back some fond memories of when my Mom and Aunts were here for a visit one Summer not too long ago and thirdly because of the look on Rowan's face when he saw me on the big machine. He seemed a little bit surprised but also intrigued. He kept running back to come and check on me and every time I looked up at him he smiled and waved at me and I at him. So nice.

We also received a surprise visit from our neighbours. Their son is only a month older than Rowan. They stayed for a little while and the boys got to know each other better by running up and down the driveway together. I was very pleased to see the interaction between the two little guys and am hoping that they will get to play together more often from now on.
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  1. Yes, finally neighbor contact!!! ANke