Friday, April 3, 2009

Our boy was very proud of himself today and rightly so. His colouring has been getting better and better over the last few weeks but today I noticed significant improvement in his artistic observation and hand-eye co-ordination skills.

Each of us had our own sheet of paper to colour. Rowan looked over at my paper once or twice and continued colouring to the best of his ability and he did a great job. Not only did he keep most of his colouring between the lines he also seemed to notice different parts in the drawings and gave each one individual attention. At one point I was giving the turtle some red toenails. As soon as Rowan saw what I was doing he grabbed my sheet and red crayon and coloured the toenails on the other foot.

I was so proud of the work that he had done that I decided to stick his drawings onto the refrigerator. I let Rowan place the sticky bits on the back of the sheets and we took it over to the refrigerator. I stuck my drawing on and then he got to do his own. We kept the display at Rowan's eye level and I must say that that was a great idea. Throughout the day he walked up to the drawings and touched them. He even kissed them at one time.

Later in the evening he showed his Dad what he had done and decided that it was time to do some more. Once again a great concentrated effort to completely cover the drawing with colour. When he was done mounting it onto the fridge door he clapped his hands together and gave us a big smile. Those bright and happy eyes told me that he was proud of himself and happy to get some recognition for the great work that he had done.

Nicely done my boy! I am looking forward to many more creative sessions with you :)
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  1. Nice artwork, isn't it fun, when that happens. I was sooo excited, when Mia drew her first real person... (and a sun with diarrhea...).

    Where did you get the nice, simple animal pictures? I'd love to make copies. Have a great weekend. Are you going kite-watching? ANke

  2. Anke, you make me laugh :) A sun with diarrhea... kids come up with the most inetersting combinations of things. The coloring books are called "Kiddie Color - Buki activity books" and I got them from United Art and Education. They are great!