Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pottery class is a very welcome midweek break for this Mom. While I make objects purely for the sake of making them I also get to have some real conversations with like-minded adults. We talk about art, politics, religion and parenting. The latter being the one thing everyone seems to have a lot to say about.

Today's conversation with one of my potter friends actually turned out to be very valuable. She took the time to tell me about her experiences with raising her son who is now six years old. I was so relieved to learn that Rowan's behaviour of late is the kind of behaviour that can be expected of a boy his age. Not that there was anything to really worry about. Just a couple of small things that I have noticed him doing or not doing when compared with some of his little friends, who mostly happen to be girls. So to spare you from having to listen to the details of my observations I will just say that I am grateful for my pottery class and for the worthwhile interactions that come with it.
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