Thursday, April 16, 2009

On a beautiful day like today it was easy to keep ourselves entertained. At the moment our backyard is stocked full of wood off-cuts, concrete block, sand and bits and pieces of work-in-progress. The perfect environment for an ambitious little boy.

We invent all sorts of games. I love being able to pull together some scrap pieces of wood and create something new and exciting right before Rowan's eyes. And boy do those eyes light up when he is impressed. This course started as a track for his little truck. Then we chased each other around it and finally it became a bike track. All that with just a few pieces of wood that could be reconfigured in an instant.

We got a special treat today. Richard came home during his lunch hour and we enjoyed some time together by going for a walk and playing in the yard. It is so nice that we get to do that. I really do appreciate it.

Another makeshift little game for Rowan. This time a balance beam constructed out of a huge plank of wood suspended over our low concrete walls. Rowan was very careful and took his time to cross the balance beam at first but then after a while he thought he could just run across. That didn't work out as planned so he decided to go back to slow and steady again.

That sandbox is going to be so marvelous when it is done. Perhaps by the end of this weekend. We are looking forward to it.
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