Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This morning, just after waking up, Rowan was lying on our bed waiting to get changed. Richard was in the bathroom and apparently Rowan did not realise this. When Rowan heard the shuffling of feet coming from behind the closed door, he gasped and said: "Who's coming? Ssh!" So we kept quiet and the anticipation was building. "Ssh!" he said once more as his body started wriggling around with excitement and as Richard opened the door Rowan shouted: "My Baby!"

Now we understand where Rowan's obsession with babies for the last week or so was coming from. He kept pointing out the babies everywhere we went. I thought he just really liked being able to say the word and therefor used it every time he had the opportunity, but then the other night while Richard and Rowan were playing, Rowan kept saying "my baby" and we just couldn't understand it because there weren't any babies in sight. It turns out that I am the instigator of this new name that Rowan has chosen for his Dad since I have been calling both of them "my babies" when I want to show my affection for them. What a nice way to start the day.

Here is a cute photo of Rowan and his "baby" being silly.

This afternoon we were very lucky to have some sunshine again and decided to spend some time outside.

When the sun is very low one's shadow gets very long. Rowan had some fun running around and jumping with his shadowy friend.

Just a happy kid enjoying the cool fresh air.

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