Saturday, September 26, 2009

Okay, so I can't let another day slip away without a post of some sort. The thing is that sometimes there is just not that much to talk about especially on a day like today where I didn't get to spend very much time with the guys.

I stayed home today in the hope that with some rest I will be able to get rid of the flu a little quicker. Richard and Rowan went off in the morning to spend some time in and amongst the trains at EnterTrainment Junction since the rainy weather washed away all possibilities of enjoying the annual apple festival. As always Rowan was very happy being able to see the trains and had a great time. I appreciated the effort that they made to give me some peace and quiet around here but I will say that because I wasn't really keeping myself busy, I started to miss them. So when they arrived back and Rowan excitedly said: "Hi!" when he saw me, I felt much better.

In the evening we had to drive quite a distance so that we could buy some homeopathic flu remedies. Our poor little guy was not too happy about being stuck in the back of the car again. He did however manage to enjoy some of the scenery on the way to our destination. As usual the sight of construction vehicles was something to behold. He also pointed something else out for the first time. As we were driving along a particularly boring road Rowan gasped and pointed up at the sky and actually said: "Look! Sky!" He couldn't keep his eyes off the clouds that were now, after a weeks worth of grey cover, parting and revealing the brilliant light of the sun. "Wow!" he said as the darker clouds moved across the sky and gave us some hope of a sunny Sunday to enjoy to the fullest.

I'll let you know how it turned out. I promise.
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  1. We'll be waiting :) hope the medicine helped and that you're feeling better...