Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Every morning when we arrive at Rowan's school, we pull the car up to the front door and one of the teachers comes out to greet us and walk with him into the class room. There is one particular teacher that Rowan seems to have become attached to. No, actually, this boy is completely smitten with her. She has long brown hair and speaks with an English accent. I like her too and it is very comforting to know that she will be his preschool teacher next year.

So, when Miss T comes walking through the doors, Rowan's eyes get really big and he starts waving saying "Hey! Hey!" with the biggest smile ever! The other day he even started giggling with excitement. So when I help him down from his car seat, he immediately takes her hand and can't say goodbye to me quickly enough. I don't mind. Really!

On occasion, Miss T is busy helping some other children to the door when we pull up and I can see the disappointment on his face when Miss ? comes towards us. Can it be that our little boy is already experiencing his very first crush? Hmm... I wonder.
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