Friday, September 18, 2009

This morning at the playground, Rowan and I got to see the power of imagination turn a play ground into a treasure island right before our eyes.

There was an older girl playing with some younger kids. She drew an X with her fingers in the sand and said excitedly: "I found an X. X marks the spot!" One little boy was very interested and wanted to see what she was talking about. She then started telling him that X marks the spot where treasure is buried and that they should dig until they can find it. If they find enough gold, they can buy a pony. The boy immediately started dragging his tiny fingers through the earth. Soon she had five little kids surrounding her. All digging for treasure. The rest of the playground was deserted.

When Rowan noticed all the digging action he looked up at me and pointed in their direction to see if it was okay for him to join in. I said: "Sure!" and off he went. He dug for a little while and then decided that his solo expedition, climbing Mount Everest, was much more exciting. He really loves the climbing wall these days.
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