Tuesday, September 8, 2009

This morning, when Rowan realised it was a school day for him, he got very upset. He didn't want to get in the car with Richard and tried to force Richard to leave by saying: "Bye!" to him a few times, hoping that Richard will just go to work as usual and Rowan would get to stay home. Unfortunately we just had to give school another try and off they went.

As they got to a t-junction close to the school Rowan kept pointing in the direction opposite to the school saying: "There. There." meaning that Richard should turn left instead of right. It breaks your heart, doesn't it?

When Rowan met one of the teachers at the door he waved a tearful "Bye!" to his Dad and disappeared through the doorway.

I decided to stop by the school even earlier today and watched my boy battle his way through the last hour or so. It wasn't easy watching him out there all by himself, crying hopelessly every five minutes or so. So now, having seen how he suffers and how his suffering is not really being alleviated by the teachers, I am, we are, beginning to have serious doubts about whether this is in fact the right time for Rowan to be doing this. We have decided to give it one more try and then we will make our very important decision.
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  1. Oh dear!I know how you are feeling! If he doesn't like it perhaps you should try again next September! Give everyone lots of hugs from me.xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. You can say that again - Oh dear! :)
    What are the teacher's thoughts on Rowan's unhappiness?
    All new surroundings are daunting - maybe you guys should give Rowan 1 more week in stead of 1 more day...it takes time to get use to it.
    I hope that he enjoyed school a little bit more today - good luck to you too mom, I can just imagine how you must feel if you can't comfort him when he's crying.
    Hang in there Rowan!