Monday, September 7, 2009

Train! Train! Train!

This weekend was definitely Train Weekend. On Saturday Thomas (of the tank engine fame) was in town so we went down there to see him. And contrary to popular understanding it is possible to see everything and also leave with the same amount of cash as you entered with!
But then today as the climax of this long weekend Rowan and I went to this new place in West Chester called EnterTrainMent Junction. It's a huge building completely filled with the biggest train setup I've ever seen.
So as we hopped in the Honda and drove off to see the trains, Rowan was already excited. Oh yes, I should mention the reason we were in the Honda. You see Elaine went to get gas for the mower yesterday in the Rav4 and a bit spilled out in the car and made it stink. So we left it outside with all the windows and sunroof open, which we forgot all about of course, and then in morning we awoke to a nice soothing patter of rain. After about an hour of listening to the rain we realized the car was still outside and slowly turning into a mobile duck pond.
Anyway so while the Rav4 was drying out we were arriving at the trains. We were there early but we still had to wait for about 5 minutes in the line to get tickets. These must have been very long minutes for Rowan 'cos he could see past the people's legs to the trains running around inside and we had to wait very patiently on the other side of a velvet rope.
Once we made it inside, we saw a whole world filled with moving trains all going chug-ah chug-ah and baaaap-baaap and lights and little people and cars. All really well done and impressive.
Rowan's excitement was palpable and after a while I asked him if he was going to have a heart attack.

He didn't answer, just ran off to the next window.

At the entrance they have a stack of Ikea stepping stools that you take and use the short folk to see into the displays. As we walked around sometimes I could not get the stool down fast enough for Rowan and so he decided he'll carry it around that way when you just have to see that train coming down the track you don't have to wait for slow old dad.

They have a lot to look at and too much to type about and after a lot of fun we made it out without any heart attacks.
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