Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rowan, like most kids his age, loves attention. When he is at home he gets it all the time. When he is at school, the attention from the teachers is shared among all the other kids. This is something that Rowan has very obviously noticed. So he tried his best to secure a little more for himself.

About half an hour into the morning session, Rowan seemed bored and maybe a little lost. He was just wandering around the classroom, looking around when he suddenly came up with a plan. He walked over to his small plastic chair, stood behind it and gently started tipping it backwards. I thought he was going to make it drop to the floor, but no. Instead, just before it would have dropped, he pretended that his hand slipped off which then made him (pretend) fall to the ground. He thought it was very amusing and I was astounded by this little act that he has put on in front of all the kids and more specifically right in front of his teacher. This is where I have to say that I admire these teachers, because they very calmly, without any expression or intonation, told him to get up off the floor. He did and had to find something else to do.
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