Saturday, September 19, 2009

What a busy day we had! It was fun too!

We went to a "Renaissance" Festival today. They call it the Renaissance festival but it is really more a Medieval festival in my opinion. In any case, people were dressed in period clothing and the entire setting was really well designed. It felt like stepping into another world.

Rowan did not feel very comfortable in this strange setting. There were actually a few times where he would gasp and say: "Hide! Hide!" as he ran to stand behind us, hidden away from the strange old man with the big hat and patch on his eye. Even the beautiful faerie made him shy away. There were some things that really got him excited though. The site of the pirate ship and some horses in a stable brought a smile to his face.

After a long nap in the afternoon we decided to clean out our pantry cupboard. I knew Rowan would like this task since it involved unpacking many different bottles, boxes, bowls and baskets. He took to task eagerly and pushed full steam ahead until every last item that needed to be removed was stacked on the kitchen counter.

He was very proud of himself and had just enough energy to give us a big smile and a thumbs-up before he finally collapsed on the floor.

It only took about a minute of relaxing and then it was time to admire his handy work on display on the kitchen counter. He also thought of a new game. Playing peek-a-boo as Mom tries to take a photo of you is much more fun than posing.

The reorganisation of the pantry is only step one of a nice surprised we have in store for Rowan. We will let you know more about step two tomorrow.

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