Monday, September 14, 2009

I found myself smiling quite a few times today. I am not talking about that everyday kind of smile you have when you unexpectedly run into an old and dear friend, or perhaps the one you have when you see your son running towards you with his arms wide open anticipating a loving embrace. No, although those are great smiles to have, the smiles I am referring to today are the ones that come from deep within you when you suddenly realise that you are satisfied with things as they are.

So, when I realised that Rowan, having fetched his back pack half an hour ahead of time, was eager to go to school today, I felt pure contentment at the fact that our little guy has really come a long way in just two weeks.

When I walked outside and experienced the beautiful sunny morning, I felt content.

And then, this evening, hiking through the woods, there it was again. The setting was beautiful and the company could not have been better. I watched Rowan looking around curiously, stopping to get a closer look at anything and everything. There were sticks, and flowers and rocks... but the thing that touched me most was when he stopped and looked up at the canopy above and said: "Wow!" The fact that he already has such an appreciation of nature is something that I am in awe of and that makes me very very happy indeed.

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  1. happy for you! "Every breath a smile." Lovely.